CC Token Model and Utility

The Tokenomics

The tokenomics (CCNOMICS) can be broken down as following:
  • 100 million CC hard cap.
  • Expected date to reach hard cap is April 2023.
  • The economic model of CC token is deflationary. The trading fees from the both CCFOX and CCSwap are used to buy back CC from CCSwap liquidity pool, part of which are awarded to the contributed CC community and the others are burned out.
  • CCSwap charges the same 0.3% trading fee rate as Uniswap does, and reserves 0.05% of the fees for the DEX society of CCSwap. Specifically, the reserving fees are exchanged for CC (on CCSwap exchange), 40% will be burned immediately, 40% will be awarded to the transaction initiators and 20% will be accumulated to a daily lottery pool awarding to some lucky traders on a daily basis.
  • At the early stage, CCFOX will also use its CEX transaction income to maintain the token value. The current buyback plan is with 35% of the exchange annual revenue. 20% of the repurchased CC will be burned. The others will be awarded to the CCFOX users.

Comparison to Uniswap and Sushiswap

A comparison of three DEX tokens is listed as following:

Going Forward

CC is more keen on the deflationary model and will be portionally burned on each buyback. It also incents to both transaction initiators (traders) and liquidity providers (AMM). More transactions will generate more revenue, which will in turn attract more liquidity providers due to higher returns. CCSwap will also introduce more utilities for CC such as lending and mining in the coming ecosystem.