To the Bright Future of HEX
Started from a centralized derivative exchange, CCFOX plans to transit itself into a fully decentralized exchange in 2 to 3 years. With its steady CEX revenue, it is more well-funded and organized to gradually become a competitive DEX player worldwide.
With CCSWAP as the first step in the exploration of the DeFi field, CCFOX will gradually draw a DeFi world map belonging to itself through ecosystem construction. In the next 2 to 3 years, CC will continue to play as a vanguard of CCFOX in the DeFi ecosystem, and 100% decentralization of all products including CCFOX will finally be completed.

Version 1.0

To launch CCSWAP. As a team that is brave to explore and innovate, it will complete the Spot Trading section through the Swap function, and fully share the benefits to the community.

Version 2.0

To launch CCLOAN. This function will aggregate loans and SWAP to build an original single token AMM mechanism, which can effectively reduce the risk of impermanent loss while improving the utilization rate of funds for users.

Version 3.0

To launch CCDERI. As the pioneer of fully on-chain derivatives in the futures, it will take the lead in exploring the field of decentralized futures and options and continue to empower the CC ecosystem.

As the first exchange to try Hex (DEX+CEX), CCFOX will continue to empower CC and use the value of CC to feed back the whole ecosystem, and step further in the DeFi world.