Liquidity Provider (AMM)

CCSwap plans to award the transaction initiators like CCFOX awarding its traders. Therefore, for every transaction, CCSwap charges 0.3% as a commission, but reserves 0.05% to the traders. The reserve fees are instantly exchanged for CC tokens (on the CCSwap exchange), 40% will be burned immediately, 40% will be awarded to the transaction initiators and 20% will be accumulated to a daily lottery pool awarding to some lucky traders on a daily basis. The burning causes a permanent token deflation which should in turn sustain the market value of CC token.
After the migration phase, the liquidity providers could stake on the CCSwap for automatic market making (AMM). For some pairs that the CCSwap plans to boost, additional CC token will be awarded by staking the LP tokens in the farming pool. Total 60,000,000 CC will be awarded to the DEX users of CCSwap, and at lease half of them will be awarded to the liquidity providers.