CEX Incentives

Successfully operating for more than 3 years, CCFOX is now well positioned as a centralized exchange (CEX) in the derivatives crytomarket. Since September 21, 2020, CCFOX has been awarding its CEX community with preliminary CC token based on the trading contribution over the past half year. The allocation is through its CFI product series. The exchange bought back 25,000,000 CC with an average price of $0.42 using one third of the exchange annual revenue. Over a long run, CCFOX will keep buying back CC with its CEX revenue and awarding 80% to the CEX community based on the CEX ecosystem (the other 20% will be burnt).
Although CC is not a centralized exchange platform token, it inherits some platform token properties. Its ecosystem is to buy back using CEX revenue and award to the CEX customers. CCFOX is also introducing a set of events to consume CC and lead to token deflation.