CCFOX and CCSwap

The CEX and DEX Products of CC Ecosystem

CCFOX - The Centralized Crypto Exchange

CCFOX (Crypto Currency Futures & Options eXchange) is a centralized crypto exchange focusing on derivatives markets ( Its core matching engine handles 30,000+ orders per second on the maximum speed. The BBO (best bid offer) depth of its top pair, BTC-USDT perpetual swap, worths more than 30 BTC or 1.5 million USD (based on a 50K BTC price) on average with a bid and offer spread less than half one USD, that is one of the top liquidity pools for the cryptocurrency perpetual swaps globally.
CCFOX also provided miner trading products (called spot miner) to its customers. Different from clouding mining system which trades mining power, buyers of spot miners actually own the miners permanently and can trade them at any time. With the bundle of hosting service and insurance service (mining time guaranteed), buyers could gain their steady mining returns. From the study of CCFOX, mining BTC is more profitable than buying BTC in the history of different market status.
The spot miner product makes the price discovery easier for the mining machines which is usually less transparent in the OTC market. CCFOX plans to introduce derivative miner products in the future to facilitate the price discovery process and to give customers more leverage to trade mining machines. Since September 2020, CCFOX has paid back to its CEX community with a CeFi product. It has rewarded CC to its customers based on their trading volume contribution to the exchange, with a total airdrop of 44,000,000 CC. The exchange also announced a buyback plan with a third of its annual revenue in 2020. The buyback price is determined by the total buyback amount over the surrendered units of tokens. So far, 25,000,000 CC has been repurchased.

CCSwap - The Decentralized Crypto Exchange

CCSwap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange funded by CCFOX. The goal of the project is to gradually and smoothly migrate a fully functioned CEX to an equally efficient DEX with more transparency and self-governance within next two years.
CCSwap divides its roadmap into several stages, and gradually builds a decentralized exchange with smooth trading experience, high returns and low risk through the iterative process of product update in 2 or 3 years.