Staking is an essential part of the DeFi ecosystem, CCSwap is also include staking function, we will show you how to use the staking function in CCSwap to earn more profit.
To boost the profit of liquidity providers and facilitate the ecosystem of CCSwap, we provide the staking function for the LP holders. The users who provide the liquidity at CCSwap, could stake their LPs at CCSwap staking page to mine the Extra CC Token. The purpose of staking function is continuously empowering the CCSwap ecosystem and bring more benefits for CCSwap contributors.

For LP Staking

1. Click "Staking" and choose "LP Token Stake"

Staking Page (here we use UNI/WETH as the example)

2. Click "Approve" to allow CCSwap to operate your LP tokens in your wallet

3. Click "Stake"

LP staking interface

4. Input the number of LP tokens that you want to stake for mining

Input the LP number in the new interface

5.Click "Stake" and allow the transaction in your wallet

LP Transaction Submitted
6. After the transaction has been confirmed by the Ethereum network, you will see the staked LP tokens and mining outcome as following.

For Token Staking

The token staking is similar to the LP staking but in a different tab. The detailed operation flow is as follows.

1. Click "Staking" → "Token Stake"

Token Staking Page

2. Inside the Token staking page, choose a token you want and click "Approve"

Submit the "approve" request (here we use WETH as the example)

3. Click "Stake"

Token Staking Page (WETH has been approved)

4. Input the number of tokens you want to stake

WETH Staking Interface

5. Click "Stake" and confirm the transaction request in your wallet

WETH Transaction Submitted

6. After the transaction has been confirmed by Ethereum Network, you will see the staking result as following.

WETH Staking