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Liquidity Pool

Liquidity pool is used to facilitate swapping, loaning, perpetual contract, and options functions in CCSwap. We create CC to ETH, BNB, and other mainstream trading pair liquidity pools.
  • Migrate the liquidity held by the locked Uniswap, Sushiswap, and PancakeSwap LP Token to CCSwap.
  • After the migration phase, the liquidity providers could stake on the CCSwap for automatic market making (AMM). For some pairs that the CCSwap plans to boost, additional CC Token will be awarded by staking the LP tokens in the farming pool.
1.Click "Liquidity" → "Select a token"

2. Input the number of token → Click "Supply"

3. Check information and click "Confirm supply"

4. Transaction submitted. Please click "View on Etherascan" If users would like to view on-chain information.