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How are traders rewarded?

CCSwap maintains a transaction fee rate of 0.3%, of which 0.03% is used to reward traders, 0.02% is for CC buyback and burning.

What is slippage?

Slippage refers to the spread between the execution price and the expected price. It tends to occur when liquidity is inadequate or the market is volatile. Users can set a slippage tolerance factor to ensure that the transaction is executed within the acceptable price range to avoid unexpected loss.

What is the slippage range?

You can set the range by yourself.

What is the reward in the Daily Lottery?

The reward in the Daily Lottery is CC, which will be distributed to the winners in a lucky draw mode. The specific details will be announced later.

What are the rules of the Daily Lottery?

The Daily Lottery will be launched along with its details in the future. Stay tuned.

How long does the stake mining last for?

In the first 21 days, 10 million CC tokens will be rewarded for genesis stake mining, and 50 million CC tokens will be rewarded for liquidity mining in the following two years.