For CCSwap

What is CCSwap?

CCSwap is a decentralized exchange with smooth trading experience, high return and low risk. Its goal is to gradually and smoothly migrate a fully functional CEX to an equally efficient DEX, with greater transparency and autonomy over the next two years.

What is the official website of CCSwap?

Who does CCSwap partner with?

At present, CCSwap has established partnership with MASK and DODO, and more partners will be announced in our official media channels in the future, please follow us.

What is the relationship between CCFOX and CCSwap?

CCSwap is the first step for CCFOX to explore DeFi. With the ecosystem construction of CCSwap, it will gradually and steadily migrate the fully functional CEX to the efficient DEX, making it more transparent and autonomous.

Does CCSwap adopt AMM or PMM as DODO?

CCSwap adopts AMM (Automated Market Maker).

What is the transaction fee rate of CCSwap?

CCSwap maintains a transaction fee rate of 0.3%, of which 0.03% is used to reward traders, 0.02% is for CC buyback and burning.